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Entrepreneurial creators, solvers & designers

Digital Transformation
Strategy & Business Modell
Our Story


Practical Doers and Inspirers

We're not theorists or euphemists. We're practical, success-driven doers who inspire change. Our PASSION lies in crafting exceptional digital solutions for strategic sustainability, bringing custom business models to life from inception to execution.

Our Passion


Our passion is rooted in action-oriented implementation, driven by a distinct emphasis
on tailored strategies for navigating change. We embody the roles of entrepreneurs, problem-solvers, and designers, with a steadfast commitment to rapid and effective execution, tangible outcomes, and a deep appreciation for value generation.


Digital Transformation

We bring a wealth of expertise complemented by diverse skills and extensive digital knowledge. Our collective experience enables us to create unparalleled impact in any endeavor. While digital transformation begins with a clearly defined vision and solid concepts, its true value is realized when both customers and employees seamlessly embrace and implement digital processes.


Strategy & Business Model

Collaborating with our team of experts and trusted partners, we guide the journey from strategy to implementation, fostering a lasting organizational transformation within your company.

We hold the belief that comprehending and harnessing technology across all value chains and business models is of paramount importance.



In a landscape of ever-accelerating change, the ability to grasp and effectively respond to these shifts is crucial for realizing digital ambitions. Our mission is to empower your teams, equipping them with the skills to navigate digital projects and cultivate expertise within your organization.

Our Expertise


Meeting the demands of today's challenges and opportunities necessitates a diverse skill set. The landscape of suppliers, partners, and competitors has grown intricate, characterized by ever-evolving ecosystem models.

As seasoned independent senior advisors, we serve as orchestrators for digital initiatives, guiding complete transformations or specific components thereof. We nurture teams and cultivate internal proficiencies to drive autonomous growth.

Moreover, we act as strategic partners for leadership teams and boards, offering invaluable insights and guidance.

Our Engagement

​At the core of our approach lies strategy and business advancement, underscored by a commitment to:

  • Crafting innovative digital business models

  • Establishing robust ecosystems

  • Integrating cutting-edge technologies into business frameworks

  • Navigating successful digital transformations

  • Empowering organizations for technology-driven success

  • Designing and cultivating digital products and services

  • Enabling expertise in processes, methodologies, and tools

  • Effectively managing products

​Our engagement is defined by a dedication to your growth and prosperity in the digital age

The passionate partners
for your success

It’s all about the right people

At the heart of achievement are the right individuals. With extensive practical experience, we comprehend the diverse challenges and requirements of our clients across various industries. We possess the methodological and technical prowess to collaboratively craft something extraordinary alongside our clients and partners, driven by unwavering PASSION.



Experienced Leadership with Engaging Persona.

A distinguished track record in strategical development and operational implementation of change programs. An enabler of innovation and cultural transformation.

  • Financial Industry

  • FinTech

  • MedTech

  • Plant & Mechanical Engineering

  • Energy and utilities

  • Automotive suppliers

  • Merger & Acquisition

  • Private Equity 

  • Investment Banking

  • Co-Founding

  • Incubating

  • Board of Directors mandates

  • Interim Transition Manager 

  • Management Consultant

  • Strategy sharpener

  • Transformation acrobats


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